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Minpack Ptd specialized is engaged in the production of seed packing machine for many years, the main products are seeds counter with bagger and seeds weigher with bagger, pneumatic volumetric cup packing machine,zipper doypack packing machine, fully automatic inner bag and outer bag packing machine, fully automatic cans sealing and labeling production line. suitable for all kinds of bags, such as doypack bag, zipper bag, flat sachet bag, etc.
Minpack's customers are all over the world, mainly Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

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Welcome To Minpack Technology

About Us

Minpack Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, hereinafter to be referred as Minpack. Integrates development, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent packaging system and fully automatic packaging equipment. Minpack dedicating to seeds packaging equipment since 2012, employs experienced technical and management ...
Minpack's main products include:fully automatic high-precision seed counting packaging machine and a fully automatic high-precision seed weighing packaging machine ,volumetric cup bag packaging machine, weighing canning production line, double-outlet bag packaging machine and other products.
Minpack's customers are all over the world, mainly Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Kenya, Dubai, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Sudan, the Philippines and so on.

Welcome To Minpack Technology

Our History

  • 2022

    Developed a small packaging machine with full servo and no air, using high-precision weighing packaging and visual counting packaging.

  • 2020

    Developed a high-precision visual counting machine, and the product entered the overse as market.

  • 2018

    Manufactured a seed weighing and canning production line and an integrated machine for seed inner and outer bag packaging.

  • 2016

    Create MINPACK international brand.

  • 2014

    Successfully manufactured a seed measuring cup packaging machine.

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