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Minpack Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd hà participatu à a 19th Guangdong Seed Expo in 2020

Time: 2020-12-18

This year's conference is divided into two venues: Guangzhou Nanyang Changsheng Hotel and Kemulong Exhibition Hall. We visited and negotiated with new and old customers. We showed 3 different seed packaging machines in the Kemulong Exhibition Hall:MG-200CW(I), MG-220K, and MG-130QW. 

MG-200CW(I): This machine is a hot-selling model. It is very popular with new and old customers. It has powerful functions and can realize the functions of ordering inner bag, double bag, bulk material, and single inner bag. The operation is simple and convenient. It is suitable for the cruciferous seeds, rapeseed, leafy vegetables and other seeds. The inner and outer bags are packaged in one piece, greatly saving labor costs.

MG-220K: This model is specially designed for high-speed packaging of large bags. The cam divider transmission structure is adopted, which ensures smooth and precise operation and simple operation. Suitable for packing seeds with good fluidity such as corn, cowpea, cabbage, cauliflower, small green vegetables, onions, leafy vegetables, etc.

MG-130QW: This model is exquisite, compact and easy to maintain. It can clean up all seeds in 3-5 minutes. This equipment does not require high total output and is suitable for small packaging of seeds with many varieties. It is suitable for the packaging of irregular seeds such as tomato, pepper, watermelon, pumpkin, bitter gourd, and squash