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Minpack Packaging escorts seed companies

Time: 2018-12-21

Seed packaging is not only of great significance to the promotion of seed products, but also facilitates seed storage, transportation, transmission of product information, and identification of brand trademarks. It is an indispensable part of seed product production, storage, transportation, and sales. "Seed packaging, many people think that it is simple, but in fact it is very knowledgeable." Metering is an important part of seed packaging, and we must strive to be accurate. But there are so many types of seeds that it is not easy to do this. We will fully understand the user's packaging specifications and varieties, the size of the venue space and a series of problems, provide targeted packaging solutions, and provide different packaging machines for different types of users.

Minpack has a good processing quality control system and after-sales service team. The drawings of each part are strictly reviewed, and each device needs to undergo a 72-hour fatigue test before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the equipment. When the equipment reaches the packaging production workshop of the seed company and is put into use in large quantities, we will follow up with the user's feedback in time. In order to ensure the timeliness of after-sales service, every after-sales service personnel needs to undergo rigorous training, and there will be a special person to carry out telephone tracking service for the equipment in the later period.